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Finding the correct demographic, market value, and doing the marketing efforts in order to sell a home as an owner sounds scary, we understand, that’s what selling a home with us in completely hassle free.


Interested in moving to California? Our agents are local experts that can not only help you find a home, but also settle in an area that’s best for your needs.
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With thousands of houses on the market in California, buying a home can be headache. Our agents work alongside you in order to ensure your needs are prioritized, as we help search all relevant public and exclusive listings.


If you’re interested in investing in residential, residential income, or Commercial real estate in California, we’ve got you covered. We work with investors and new homebuyers alike.

We offer full-service brokerage and consulting services for new construction in our Southern, Central and Northern California markets.

Frequently Asked Questions

The duration of a listing agreement is typically negotiated between the seller and the real estate agent or broker representing them. The length of the agreement can vary depending on the local real estate market conditions and the preferences of the parties involved.

In the United States, the most common types of listing agreements are:

1.      Exclusive Right-to-Sell Listing: This type of agreement gives the real estate agent or broker the exclusive right to market and sell the property for a specified period, typically between 90 to 180 days. The seller cannot work with any other real estate agents or brokers during the term of the agreement.

2.      Exclusive Agency Listing: This type of agreement also gives the real estate agent or broker the exclusive right to market and sell the property, but the seller retains the right to sell the property on their own without paying a commission to the agent. The term of the agreement is typically similar to the Exclusive Right-to-Sell Listing.

3.      Open Listing: This type of agreement allows the seller to work with multiple real estate agents or brokers and only pay a commission to the agent who brings a buyer to the table. The term of the agreement is usually shorter than the Exclusive Listing agreements, ranging from a few days to several weeks.

The duration of the listing agreement should be agreed upon by the seller and the real estate agent or broker before signing the agreement. It is important to review the agreement carefully and negotiate any terms that may not be in the seller’s best interest.

When selling a home, we provide you with a comprehensive marketing plan. The days of putting a sign in front of a house and waiting for someone to buy it are long gone. With the evolution and impact of the internet in the real estate industry, it is critical that your home be marketed not only through “traditional” avenues such as newspapers and mailings, but also through maximum exposure online. 

Our comprehensive marketing plan for selling real estate typically includes the following elements:

1.      Professional Photography and Videography: On The Go-Real Estate.com will capture High-quality photos, 4k ariel drone imagery, and or standard videos, which help showcase any property and attract potential buyers. Our Professional photographers and videographers will capture the property in the best possible light, emphasizing its features and making it look more appealing.

2.      Online Listings: GO-Real Estate.com will list your property on popular online listing platforms such as Zillow, Redfin, and Realtor.com. These platforms allow potential buyers to search for properties based on their desired location, price range, and other criteria.

3.      Social Media Marketing: GO-Real Estate.com will use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to market your property to a wider audience. We will create targeted ads that reach potential buyers based on their interests, demographics, and location.

4.      Print Advertising: We can publish to local publications such as newspapers and magazines to be used to advertise the property. Our Real estate agents and brokers may place ads in these publications to reach potential buyers who may not be actively searching for properties online.

5.      Open Houses: Hosting open houses can allow potential buyers to tour the property and ask questions. Our Real estate agents and brokers can market the open house using social media, online listings, and local publications.

6.      Email Marketing: GO-Real Estate.com will use email marketing campaigns to reach out to potential buyers who have expressed interest in similar properties. We also provide updates about the property, share new photos or videos, and answer questions.

7.      Video Tours: GO-Real Estate.com creates virtual tours of the property using video technology as well as Ariel Drone 4k imagery. This allows potential buyers to tour the property from the comfort of their own home and get a sense of the layout and features.

8.      Local Networking: GO-Real Estate.com will also leverage our local network of business to market the property. They can reach out to other real estate professionals, builders, contractors, and potential buyers to let them know about the property.

By combining these elements in our comprehensive marketing plan, our real estate agents and brokers can maximize the exposure of any property and attract a wider range of potential buyers.

Preparing your house for showings is an important step in the home selling process. 

Here are some steps you can take to get your house ready for showings:

1.      Declutter and Clean: Remove any excess clutter, personal items, and unnecessary furniture to create a clean and inviting space. Deep clean your house, including carpets, floors, and bathrooms.

2.      Repairs and Upgrades: Make necessary repairs and upgrades to your home, including fixing leaky faucets, replacing broken tiles, and repairing any damage to walls or ceilings.

3.      Depersonalize: Remove any personal items, such as family photos or religious items, to make it easier for potential buyers to envision themselves in the space.

4.      Neutralize: Paint the walls in a neutral color to create a blank canvas for potential buyers to imagine their own decorating styles.

5.      Enhance Curb Appeal: First impressions are important, so make sure the exterior of your house looks inviting. Mow the lawn, trim hedges, and add some potted plants or flowers to enhance the curb appeal.

6.      Stage Your Home: Consider hiring a professional home stager to help create an attractive and inviting space that highlights your home’s best features.

7.      Provide Information: Make sure important information, such as property details, HOA rules, and disclosures, are easily accessible to potential buyers.

By taking these steps to prepare your home for showings, you can increase the chances of attracting potential buyers and ultimately selling your home quickly and for the best possible price.

Although open houses are not required to sell a home, they are still a recommended strategy. We ensure that your boundaries are met, and we discuss your thoughts on open houses to ensure that you are comfortable hosting an open house. 


The open house process typically involves the following steps:



1.      Preparation: The real estate agent or broker prepares the property for the open house by decluttering, cleaning, and staging the home. They also market the open house using various channels such as social media, online listings, and local publications.


2.      Hosting: On the day of the open house, the real estate agent or broker hosts the event and welcomes potential buyers into the home. They may provide brochures or other marketing materials about the property, as well as answer questions and provide additional information.


3.      Follow-up: After the open house, the real estate agent or broker follows up with potential buyers to gauge their interest in the property and answer any additional questions they may have.


The technology we use plays an increasingly important role in the open house process. Our Real estate agents and brokers use various technologies to market the open house and reach potential buyers. These technologies may include:


1.      Online Listings: Our Real estate agents and brokers use online listing platforms to list properties for sale and promote open houses. These listings often include high-quality photos and virtual tours that allow potential buyers to view the property from the comfort of their own home.


2.      Virtual Reality: In some cases our real estate agents and brokers use virtual reality technology to create immersive 3D tours of your property. This allows potential buyers to explore the home in detail and get a sense of the layout and flow of the space remotely from any location around the world.


3.      Communication Tools: Our Real estate agents and brokers use communication tools such as email, text messaging, and video conferencing to communicate with potential buyers before, during, and after the open house.


4.      Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools: Our Real estate agents and brokers use CRM tools to manage their contacts and follow up with potential buyers. These tools may include automated email campaigns and other marketing materials to keep potential buyers engaged and interested in your property.



Overall, the technology we use plays a significant role in the open house process by helping our real estate agents and brokers market properties more effectively, reach a larger audience, and provide potential buyers with a more immersive and engaging experience.


Client Testimonials​

They helped us out on every step and were always fully transparent about the smallest details. Our experience working with them was spectacular. We are pleased to recommend them.
David M.
Seller, Central Valley Ca
They were highly professional. No one else provides the amount of research and background information for each property as they do. We are pleased to recommend On The GO-Real Estate.com
Merry T.
Buyer, Apple Valley Ca

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